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Gas hydrate: A technology enabler for innovative and sustainable applications

Start Date: September 18, 2017 - 12:00 PM
End Date: September 18, 2017 - 01:00 PM

​Professor Praveen Linga
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore,

Venue:  Al Jazri Bldg, Building 4, Level 5, Room 5220

POC:  Linda J. Sapolu 808-7414

More Information:

ABSTRACT:  Clathrate hydrate science has evolved over the centuries from a mere academic curiosity to being a nuisance to oil and gas industry (flow assurance) and now is being seen as a future energy resource (natural gas hydrates deposits). The clathrate hydrate process is also a technology enabler for several innovative applications like natural gas storage, carbon capture, seawater desalination, cold storage etc. Some challenges remain specific to each of these focus areas that needs to be overcome in order to commercialize these applications. In this presentation, the state of the art on gas hydrate technology for two applications pertaining to seawater desalination and natural gas storage will be discussed in detail. An application that has received renewed interest is seawater desalination using the clathrate hydrate based desalination (CHBD) process due to its ability to harvest LNG cold energy to produce potable water. Our recent knowledge on enhancing the kinetics and innovation in design can be applied to efficiently desalinate seawater to produce potable water with the cold energy offsetting the refrigeration cost. Finally, our recent advances on solidified natural gas (SNG), a next generation technology for large-scale natural gas storage will be highlighted.